Quinta Essentia: An alchemist’s term meaning the fifth element beside fire, water, earth, and air; the element that is necessary to explain the diversity and multiplicity of life, the finest or best of any substance.

This concept was the inspiration for our name and captures the essence of what we set out to accomplish with E5. We started with the tools and materials available to anyone in our industry and with our knowledge, experience and passion made them more than the sum of their parts. We are confident that Element Five’s client-centric service, knowledgeable team and superior quality embodies the above concept and will bring the Quinta Essentia (the fifth element) to all your projects.

Dean Bardouka

CEO/Managing Partner
(and his Daughter Maryam)

As a creative thinker, and geek obsessed with the digital universe, Dean spends his days (and nights) helping organizations large and small tell their story by effectively leveraging the ever-expanding tools and channels available to them. His passion is derived from designing and building the things he dreams up and helping others do the same. He has worn many hats over the past 20 years: graphic designer, art director, marketing manager, project manager, content creator, brand manager, business development manager, etc. But throughout he always remained one thing: a habitual dream builder.

As the CEO of Element Five, he took a $5,000 investment in a part-time, “side project” and turned it into a leading edge, boutique digital agency in just under five years. E5 has managed projects and campaigns for companies of all sizes, from large national accounts such as AIG and Barnes & Noble College to local San Francisco chains like Sausalito Café. In each case we helped our clients develop game changing strategies and assets that capture their customers’ imaginations and drive results.

Dean thinks BIG and is convinced there is a revolution of ideas happening right now that, if harnessed correctly, will have an amazing positive impact for generations to come. Dean loves to meet new people to “talk shop” and exchange ideas. If you are like-minded, please reach out. He might just buy you a cup of coffee…